1. Chris

    never seen a vertical navel, looks like a pussy with clitorial hood


    Wow… even in bumm clothes, she still looks hot! I’m not even going to comment on her tanking career… just saying she’s still looks amazing!! might be time for her to give playboy a call!!

  3. b.dee

    Voltron shirt is a nice touch … appeal to the geeks and build your own crotch rubbing minions.

  4. Release89

    She has no ass. I’ll pass

  5. Vito

    She looks great…I’ll bet she has a pretty pussy! I’d love to give a downward yank on those denim saggers she’s wearing and prove it to the world. Or in private just to prove it to myself.

  6. Minty

    Doesn’t it bother her that she is walking on the bottom of her jeans? I am all about the boyfriend jean, believe me- I have a couple of pairs myself, but that’s just ridiculous. It looks uncomfortable to walk ON her jeans, plus they’ll get so dirty and scratched up! Must be nice to be so wealthy that you don’t have to care about such things.

  7. MK

    don’t get it???

  8. T1

    what happens when you walk on the heels of them enough is they just wear away. it doesn’t really destroy the jeans as a whole and you did note the other holes in them didn’t you?

    I don’t think I truly found megan fox attractive untill these photos. fap worthy sure, but not truly attractive.

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