1. Hugh Gentry

    what’s the over under on them? No way they make it to 1 year.

  2. Eva

    I can’t wait to see what Randal has to say to the newlyweds!

  3. Kim Kardashian

    Megan is beautiful… the plastic surgery has done her good! But come check out my official site, guys! Leave me comments! Thanks I love you all. xoxo Kim

  4. Le Trout Pout Extraordinaire!

  5. joho777

    I’m surprised that Megan Fox got married so soon.

    She still needs more surgical work before she looks like Angelina Jolie. I thought she was going to have the rest of her body done? What happened?

    When do you think she will begin to learn to act? Never?

  6. tim

    would still be the most beautiful chick alive if it weren’t for those puffy, plumped cheeks.

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