1. xuc

    So average.

  2. rodger

    She’d be much hotter without that ugly fucking tattoo.

  3. E


  4. john

    yea… after seeing those swimsuit picture of her she really isn’t anywhere remotely near as hot as I thought she was….I agree with xuc, very very average…

  5. Mike Iksard

    Average Where? Im just as bored with her as the next guy, but if she is average where you live, I’m moving.

  6. joho777

    Even with Photoshop, Megan Fox’s cosmetic surgeries show through.

    Pass. ( Hove you ever seen photos of Megan without her makeup?)

  7. Minty

    She paid a lot of money to make her face and body look like that. And I’m sure she works really hard to maintain her skinniness, she is prob starving herself to look that way. Megan has clearly put a lot of effort into her appearance and I give her props- she does look good. Too bad I have never seen a movie with her in it because I only watch good films. I predict reality tv and/or Dancing with the Stars in her future.

  8. kitty

    Megan fox is fuckin hot. end of story.

  9. goon

    if that was in my house, I could die happy. well, after some boning.

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