1. JasonS

    hawt body, but those tats are a big turn off :(

  2. Superfly

    Fuck that……the tats are hot but she seriously needs to try eating a cheeseburger or two……….

  3. angie

    Is this what hanging out with that old 90210 man is doing to her?!?!

  4. fooey

    you can see all the bones in her chest. (at least I can)

  5. Thor

    Pretty girl but those tattoos are awful. She looks like a freaking billboard that got painted by the same guy that did Henry Rollins ink…

  6. fahrmaiden

    dang… she really, really needs to put on a few pounds. With an emaciated body it’s got to be like hugging a bag of bones, seriously. Even 10 or 15 pounds would give her a prettier figure.

  7. case

    yikes she lost so much weigh her boob job is really noticeable now.

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