1. Cock Dr

    She is beautiful despite the tats. All she needs is to gain a pound or 2.
    She should come on over and help me with holiday cookies. We could sit around & bite the heads off all these gingerbread men.

  2. Hugh Gentry

    if she lost a few pounds, she’d be sooo hot.

  3. lily

    she is very close to perfect, i love megan fox. :)

  4. Socially Challenged

    If she lost a few pounds?

    Where exactly COULD she lose a few pounds? Her body is sooo trim. :)

  5. MrsLeonidas

    Megan is SEXY as hell!
    And I’m a lady/wife/mommy…..sayin that!
    Hey, any eye candy is great by me! My hubby and I always say who is the hottest chick out there and who has the best boobs a lot! Lol! Yes, we are very comfortable together! Which means great sex! Lol!
    I just really hate when girls say that a hot chick is…. ugly! I mean c’mon DUH! She is smoking hot! ( she could use 10lbs for more curves. She has Marilyn tattooed on her arm and Marilyn was not skinny at all. She was extremely volumptious!So she needs to eat more protein daily!Lol)
    When girls say mean stuff about sexy chicks….It just shows us their insecurities! Lol!

    • c

      you’re overdoing the “oh i’m a chick who thinks another chick is hot doesn’t that make me sooo desirable?!” act. give it a break.

      • Anne

        seriously! haha and her little comment about her husband and her having great sex,, where did that come from lolz! im a girl and ya i think shes pretty :) she has my same body type, thats all ima say :P

  6. MrsLeonidas

    Hey, I know Hugh Gentry was being silly sarcasm!
    I was referring to all other stupid/mean/jealous.insecure/girls on the web.

  7. AAA

    so hot.

  8. mr perfection

    look at her poor thumb..its so F’D up.. i could not imagine her giving me a hand job with that thumb!

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