1. Dick

    It’s like that special moment when a deer spots the hunter right before the shot, then pulls its swim trunks down a little just so you can see it shaves its junk, and tells its doe to grab her ass and look constipated. Special.

  2. What? Is she trying to look like the Coppertone Girl or something? Jeezis. And she’s totally overdoing it with the “knees together, feet apart” ersatz awkward adolescent pose. And i DO mean POSE…

    Women need to grow UP and quit trying to remain teenage-y girls into their fucking 20s/30s/40s…it’s not cute/sexy…it’s weird and lame…

  3. lepoopy

    there it is just at the edge of the horizon… oh shit, there is no way your career is coming back.

  4. angie

    She needs to stop doing drugs with his old washed up ass!!! he’s robbing her of her beauty!!!!

  5. Darr247

    As the uber Family Guy Peter Griffin put it, “man, I’d wreck that chick.”

    BAG better be spankin’ that with his hangers every night… and twice on sunday, if he knows what’s what.

  6. sydney

    she’s obviously cold, when im in cold water, i cringe just like that, let it go, not that big of a deal.

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