1. vix

    Give her a sandwich. please.

    • Ryan

      Amen to that, Put her in another Michael Bay film so he can yell at her for losing too much weight then she can bitch about how he made her eat this stuff called food, when her cocaine and Redbull diet was sufficient in her eyes.. haha

    • A sandwich would be a good thing; however, she’s “I don’t eat” skinny not “I work out and am athletic” skinny.

  2. Melissa

    NO!!! It might eat her…

  3. sweetcaroline

    She looks far better without all the makeup. However, there is nothing attractive about a woman on a militant diet who refuses to enjoy herself once in a while. Ultimately, it just says to me she hates herself and is dumb enough to believe people will believe she’s more talented or interesting if she’s rail thin. Which in fact, makes her just another completely uninteresting sheep.

  4. mr good

    all good pics except the one. need to edit out that DB. Adobe should come up with a photoshop filter to automatically take out DB’s like redeye.

  5. Dax


  6. Looks like the beginning of a valtrex commercial.

  7. Jesus

    What kind of paparazzi is that. Not even one picture of her ass??!!!!

    • Mike

      She doesn’t have an ass. It’s flat. Very flat. She’s desperately grabbing it in every single shot and sticking it out as far back as possible to give the illusion she has an ass… sorry Megan, you don’t.

  8. stench orifice

    You people truly disgust me. Megan Fox is a TEN. Her body is PERFECT. Any honest person with working eyeballs would concur. To type anything different and suggest that she is too thin or too this or that is based on you being insane and you being a hugely blubberized, refrigerator demolishing, food gulping, extremely obese, fish eating orca whale. Now for someone who is perfectly sane like me it is plain to see that Megan could blast poofs of colon stink nonstop directly into my nostrils and I would be the better for receiving such a polluted gift. Seriously though, I would pay to tongue fuck her asshole, like spread her brown ring wide open and investigate the entire area with my tongue and lips, after she has an enema of course. Deep cleansing enema with warm soapy suds to loosen any Megan gunk that might have accumulated within her rectum. Then I would sell the filth on e-bay for a tidy profit.

  9. stench orifice

    I am just rolling on the floor laughing with my eyes tearing as a result. So many insecure fatties that are just so angry with their pathetic grocery infested lives. Being thin is the best. Girls look the hottest when they are all tight and hard and sexy like Megan. Do you realize how embarrassing your are to yourselves when you indicate otherwise? Victoria’s Secret models are all thin and hot. The hottest women in the world along with the Hooter’s Girls and any other hot women you can think of. What do they all have in common (besides tons of plastic surgery and fake grotesque boob jobs and a clinically abnormal preoccupation with their looks)….all thin with low body fat. It’s so much easier to criticize their tremendous discipline in terms of how they can control their eating habits (or is it the piles of cocaine they snort or smoke, or the packs of cigarettes they inhale). We Americans are a fat, gross, disgusting lot for the most part. Over fed, over indulged, too much free time on our hands, so we eat. And eat. And grow to epic proportions. And then we get frustrated and where better to take that anger out than on a site that posts pics of fantastic looking thin people that we would all sell our souls to be like. Well maybe not sell our souls, sorry about that Lord, but you get the gist.

    • KKAIT

      lmao…very good. So much time and energy is invested in making life simplier; so people dont have to lift a finger or walk a block. The ramifications of which can be seen in the masses of overweight, clothes stretching, lazy people. We are unable as a society to finance the expenditures in terms of health care to treat the co-morbidities related to disgusting fat such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemias and atherosclerosis. not too mention that it is plain unsightly. Megan fox is perfectly suited for a long life due to her well disciplined eating habits; obviously she is not a gluten like the other banquet rollers seen all too often.

  10. Crys

    flattest tummy ever!! so jealous!!

  11. cookoo

    whatever.., id still tap that. her hotness is amaaaziiiinnnggg..

  12. Alex

    Megan Fox isn’t just “thin.” A lot of women are thin, but they do not look like this. She has an abnormally amazing waist-to-hip ratio that can only be described as curvy. It sucks that obese women have stolen this word away from truly curvy females,

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