1. Boo

    Weird bellybutton though.

  2. fooey

    the eating disorder certainly gives the implants an interesting look

  3. policia

    at least they photoshopped the plastic out of her face.

  4. hmmm

    I guess.. boring

  5. Jim Jones

    Megan Fox? Huh, and I didn’t think she had any relevance anymore…

  6. still hit it

    and for just 10 cents a day, you too can help starving actresses

  7. Nik

    They photoshopped off all her bones showing… And her bellybutton too in the process. She’s gotten too thin for me and lost her sex appeal.

  8. george

    megan fox is hot top to bottom.

  9. I'm on my Period.

    She looks hungry

  10. Sam

    What happened to the Megan Fox in the first Transformers? She was gorgeous in that movie…this doesnt even look like her!

  11. bren

    well, at least she aint showing her thumb

  12. Bill

    What she really needs is another tatoo – across her ugly assed face.

  13. WHY do we have to have Victoria Secret photo shopping of sheer bra’s????

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