1. Jerk

    The mannequin is a far better actress. Dont be surprised if Bay casts it in the next transformers

  2. angrygirl

    The damn mannequin looks more lifelike than she does!

  3. MD

    The sad part is that if the mannequin was wearing clothes in this pic, i would not be able to tell which was Megan and which was the doll….

  4. Lain

    The point is that Megan Fox is like a mannequin. Retards.

  5. Fati87

    Weirdly hot.

  6. Alice Liddel

    @MD- If you are an M.D., you should at least know how to capitalize the proper “I”. Also, either you give yourself too little credit or you really are remarkably unobservant. Anyone with an M.D., much less decent eyes in their head, would be able to note the delicate swoop of rouge upon either cheek, the slightly sallower tint on the skin of the original with tones of rose in the shadows, the constantly perfectly brushed hair of the original, and the obvious single pose of each limb (not to mention the jutting joints wherein the thing twists) of her facsimile. You should also notice the slight sheen on the skin of Ms. Fox, where there is no such on the mannequin, it being made of porcelain or some other such bisque substance. Also note the faint but still discernible variation in the colour of the lips between the real and the facsimile.
    @Lain- Bravissime!
    @Fati87- I agree with you wholeheartedly there, though I personally don’t find the attraction strange in the least. Beauty is indeed a thing to be appreciated, and there are certainly sexual aspects to most of the photos in this album, so there is no shame in arousal, my darling.

  7. ultraviolet72

    That is disturbing on sooooo many levels!

  8. KO

    alice liddel get a life

  9. KO

    …you sound like some fatty permanently wedged in front of your computer pretending the sun shines out of your ass…dahling

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