1. s.

    i love how her a** magically grows from flat as fu*k to voluptious black womans panty creamer.

  2. fugnut

    disgustO !! LAWWWWWWWD!
    that flat azz punkin head fug ???

  3. Lindsay's Dealer

    The vacant eyes… the lifeless expression… it’s horrible. The mannequin is no picnic either.

  4. Alice Liddel

    My God! This woman has such an unearthly beauty about her.
    The classic hair, the porcelain skin, the ruby lips…
    She’s my perfect idea of beauty. She looks like she was pulled right out of a film noir, doesn’t she?

  5. Moobs

    Bird porn [Miley Cyrus]…Wax porn [Heidi Montag]…Mannequin porn…Man, I’ve jacked off to some freaky shit lately…

  6. Name

    > Insert witty Megan Fox-mannequin comparison here

  7. ImoAsta

    This is a take off of a series of Helmut Newtons work.
    May not have the same meaning obviously as this is for just viewing not analysing. But its something that has be thought about in regards to a famous series of works.
    Anywho thats the photographers idea not Megan’s haha

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