1. bith please

    megan can’t act !!!!!

  2. Tough choice. On the one hand you’ve got an untalented, self-important bitch who badmouths everyone she works with (not to mention the ghost of Marilyn past haunting the place up), or a crackwhore who doesn’t show up for work and basically snorts coke off the best boy’s cock in exchange for more TP in her dressing room toilet (which they’d have given her for free for just asking”.

    How can this movie not ROCK???

    • The Critical Crassness

      Good assessment McFeely……at least Lohan has one attribute that could mirror Liz…..big boobs…

  3. tom

    Look at what that idiot has done with the tatoo on her arm. Stupid bitch.

  4. StayPuft Overlord

    I fancy Voldemort in this summer dress. Accio Liz Taylor part.

  5. BAHAH

    Well, both are shitty actresses. And one looks like a crackhead while the other looks like a mummy thanks to the botox. Who else is going to audition? Kim Kardashian?

  6. Larry Thompson just figured how to get blow jobs everyday for free. Congratulations!

  7. JMort

    The best thing about this picture is her “removed” Monroe tattoo. Tattoo fail — just like her lip/cheek implants fail.

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