1. ozmosis

    Why the long face?

  2. rockthrowinghipster

    You lost me at Blossom getting into a car accident.

  3. Cookie

    Her chin is so dang pointy!

  4. Lissa

    She did have a finger severed off that had to be reattached. It’s not like she just got into a car accident and she just walked away.

  5. vandinz

    Her face makes it look like you’re constantly looking at her through a fish-eye lens.

  6. slinger

    I dont know why, but I have always wanted to fuck her face…….

  7. Wow, I never would have guessed that a homely, awkward teenager would grow up to be such an amazingly homely, awkward adult.

    Aren’t chicks supposed to grow out of that? Even the Olsen twins ended up being passably fuckable (if you count having a billion dollars as an aphrodisiac…which I do)

  8. This is causing DeVito flashbacks. Thanks Tim Burton!

  9. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Who the F is this and why should I care?

  10. diy

    um labor wasn’t even that bad… hahaha

  11. SprechenSieDouche

    yeah, i got thrown off a 20 foot ladder last week and did some deep breathing calming techniques too. BFD. She acts like she’s the fucking only person to ever think of or know anything in the fucking world. Fuck pretentious psuedo-intellectual know it all Mayim Bialik and her GD PhD. But keep Amy on Big Bang, cuz she saved that show. As cute as the blonde is, they did pretty much all they could do with her.

  12. intellectual moron

    Thank the internet . It gives morons something to do other than grafitti.

    Read a book,, Go for a walk. Do something useful

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