1. Dali

    wow. this is so sad. She looks like a sad old lady.


    She REALLY overdid it with her lips… This is what happens when naive little girls get famous from their looks alone and don’t have any real talent. Then people stop paying attention to them when they get older and they fuck their faces up just so they can feel beautiful. She’s Heidi Montag #2.

  3. cheeri-o

    No botox but a shitload of dermafiller

  4. She’s morphing into that Jocylyn chick that looks like a lion. She’s losing her looks to plastic surgery addiciton. Oddly, it’s making her look older.

  5. Why does she have to fuck her face up? It looked fine the way it was. Now she resembles that Heigl chick. Disgusting. I no longer want to rip Fox’s anus in half.

    • Big Ass Bunny Feet

      I thought she was cute in 2004 when she did mean girls. Then she got her nose done and little bit of lip filler and looked really sexy. THEN she went fucking batshit crazy and got another nose job apparently and did god knows what. She is looking like a freak.

  6. Arzach

    First of all, I’d still fuck her crazy, second , yes it’s a shame she had done all that stuff to herself but please take in count that for this girl to make a happy face been married to Brian Austin Green requires a ton of botox

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