1. ksmack

    I see nothing wrong with his lack of understanding…..

  2. Michelle

    When you look like that you don’t have to know or care how glass works!!!!! Yummy

  3. Jess

    OMG. MOAR!!

  4. Hetero Gal

    I just want to heaven!!!!!!!!! YUM to infinity!

  5. joanna


  6. I have a feeling this wasn’t an accident. He wants us to know all those bad movies didn’t rob him of his manhood.

  7. WhiteChick

    Thank god for glass and his ignorance of it’s ability to mask things. I can now die happy, yummmmo!!

  8. ashley

    I’ll totally be OK with if it he never figures it out.

  9. Steelerchick

    I see Dirk’s Diggler is living up to his name.

  10. Grand Poobah

    lol, look at all the chick posts!!!! to funny, I think he should go upstairs to JT’s room for a while

  11. `Helena Handbasket

    Om nom nom

  12. aj

    did you see BOOGIE NIGHTS?

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