1. maeby

    That poor poor baby :(

  2. Mia

    The baby is gorgeous… can’t say the same for the mom though.

  3. babyiscute

    Beautiful baby. mariah looks like she lost quite a few pounds compared to the bathroom room picture. But she looks way older than 20.

  4. crystal

    Homegirl looks 35.

  5. My mom is turning 44 and not only looks younger than this bitch! Shes hot unlinke her! & Has less wrinkles too! GROSSS!

  6. andrea

    bueno Mariah Yeater, yo si te creo k ese bebe sea de justin bieber viendolo bin tiene la misma nariz de justin, ne gusta las musica de justin pero el no puede negar a ese bebe tiene la misma nariz de el….

  7. TheListener

    That is the cutest little baby.

  8. Rachell

    They both have pretty steel grey eyes. very cool.

  9. WTF

    The BABY Is Adorable , NOT Yeater && I Just Wanna Say How The Hell She Has WRINKLES At Such a Young Age I Swear My Mom Is Not That Young And Still Has WAYYYYY Less Wrinkles Than Her !

  10. TaT

    That baby is soooooooo beautiful!!

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