1. Mike Walker

    They need to exchange eye sockets.

  2. Facts

    The blonde woman on the left is Sophia Richardson, and Englishwoman and voice actress living in San Francisco.

  3. Quijibo

    The yellow teeth are attractive, too.

  4. stgee

    I think JBiebs would have more dignity than to lose his virginity to a not-so-good looking girl… In a bathroom stall? … This is bizarre! Anyone else with me?

  5. jblover

    she is gonna get so much hate even fo sayin she had sex with justin – all of the beliebers are going mental, including me!

  6. jblover

    and she basically raped him – by making this claim shes affecting justin and if the test comes out negative (which it will) then she has ruined her life FOREVER

  7. Sick of fake rumors

    This is bullshit, what a retarded lady spreading a fake rumor. I bet selena will tear her apart when she finds out this is not real.

  8. meow

    considering she looks like total white trash i’m gonna go ahead and say that justin probably wouldn’t touch her with a 100 foot pole… he could easily have whatever girl he wanted and i’m gonna put money on it that she’s probably the LAST thing he would even consider doing that with. so she can go get a life now and take care of her child, who should be the center of her worries. people are so messed up in this society. and do us all a favor and get your trashy half naked body off the internet, thanks.

  9. 舔阴

    her piercings are utterly revolting. if the biebs did impregnate this skank, then he’s more of a retard than his music suggests.


  10. Tom

    this chick looks like two assholes sewn together with pubic hair yarn

  11. Hello!!!!

    for a 20 year old she sure looks used up

  12. I’d hit that…with a hammer

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