1. BcISaySo

    Honey, just because they say “thong underwear” doesn’t mean you need to be digging to China on them hips.

  2. Cock Dr

    She seems demure.

  3. Ra

    These photos might have been after birth or even during pregnancy. Maybe she was skinny beforehand…

  4. Given that these photo’s seem to show that it was an option, I’d have just tit-fucked her!

  5. KumaTenshi

    Yup, good, wholesome girls always post body photos of them dressed slutty, or not at all, up on MySpace (the very fact she even still USES that site just shows what a whore she really is)

  6. Jay Gee

    saddle bags…

  7. Joe Jonas

    I’d like to shoot my potent sperm into her too. She’s not the hottest girl by far, but she’s the kind that’d take it in the ass and then lick my cock clean just so I could really impregnate her.

  8. CJW

    Nothing says sexy like a dirty dog bowl in the background.

  9. So basically, this fatty was Biebers’s “training camp” before he stepped up to the big leagues?

  10. CG

    MMMMMufin top

    teachers go to jail for this…

  11. highclass-whitetrash

    shes broke

  12. Sweep The Leg

    Mind the gap…

  13. mrsmass

    was this suppose to be sexy?

  14. kimmykimkim

    Oh my sweet baby maple Jesus. There is no fucking way. And this doesn’t even look post pregnancy, this just…is.

  15. realistic

    …those stars would be farrrrr more stretched out if this were post prego

  16. Mirtez

    I don’t get it. Why does she needs to show her body?
    Does she wants to be a porno actress? No way to be true!!

  17. those half nude pics shows a tattoo on her left arm,,but the first pic doesnt,,might not even be her! just sayin

  18. Bee Bee

    What is it with the idiots here…she is **far** from fat. This is *gasp* what an average sized girl looks like.

    • Bee Bee, the people who are saying she is fat are not idiots, because from a medical point of view she is over weight. It’s not being mean it’s simply the facts. Yes, many girls that are now considered average by the general public are over weight.

  19. TraumaRN

    She says that JB wanted to fuck her and it would be his first time? Yea, like she would be his(or any guys) first choice.

  20. lz

    wow jb could do wayyyyy better then this trash. Now if he sleep with her. He had to be drunk or high or something because she is so messy. lol he could of did way better then this for real.

  21. It makes no sence at all to try and Defame this young Lady. It’s taken a lot of guts or just plain DUMB to come out with her claimes on the Babies Father. First this pathedic kid , Bieber is far away from the squeeky “Teen Kid” his people try to make out to be! Gee how many Countries and counting has He “Justin Bieber” been Kicked out of and NOT aloud to return! And the girl can still be charged with “RAPE” and or “SEX” with a minor. for here part to this Soap opera. The DNA will end this once and for all (Test for whom the real father is). And this young lady’s photo’s are now different the any other TEEN or YOUNG adult on Face Book!

  22. Jahnessa

    This girl is NASTY!!!!!!

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