1. WhateverYouSay


  2. Anni Christ

    Justin Bieber is the hottest shit in America. Why would anyone believe he went for this? C’mon.

    • Snack pack

      He was sixteen, and she probably had her boobs out at the concert. That’s about all the math you have to do on this one.

    • karlito

      hottest in America? are you 12. besides he’s Canadian.

    • Esoteric

      Sentences like this make my brain ache. Oh, and that giant sucking noise you hear is our society circling the drain.

    • This is obviously false at face value. How would this freakshow of muffin-top meets face piercings have ever gotten back stage…she’d have to fuck the security guy to get in. Uh…wait a minute.

  3. bree

    She’s butt fuckly I mean hes the hottest guy n America and he wood go for this I dint believe the rumors

  4. Cartman

    I thought the kid was a queer. How did this chick engineer this?

  5. The Critical Crassness

    Can we say, “Coke Whore”, which actually makes her exactly the kind of girl to have taken Justin’s virginity……someone who could show the like fruitcake exactly what and where everything was and how to use it…..

  6. hattie

    i think the real tragedy here is that she still uses myspace.

  7. bob

    who wouldnt want to kiss that mouth…………pearly whites………..

  8. Smells like gold digging horseshit. There’s no way in hell a girl who spent any amount of time with Justin Bieber would not have at least a billion pictures of them together. Where are those pictures?

    And holy shit.. buy some fucking Crest.

  9. Briane Pagel

    Did she actually take that picture in a 7-11 woman’s bathroom?

    The only good thing to say about Myspace, and now Facebook, is that the ease of posting photos has disqualified pretty much every member of this generation from ever holding public office. So we can look forward to an empty Congress when I retire, and my social security will be safe from people who want to raid the trust fund to get the box set of all of Bieber’s hits. “For my grandkids! Who are only 10 years younger than me!”

  10. Michelle

    Well the story is full of shit but I am lmao at the comments. That is the only redeeming quality of this post Fish.

  11. Karl

    shes fat and fucking ugly, yeah right i dont believe this for a nano second.

  12. A

    At one time or another, haven’t we all told a drunk chick we were Justin Bieber in order to get laid?

  13. Wyatt

    How about a view of the entire gallery… so I can pick and choose, rather than scroll through all 14 pictures of this girl?

  14. itapsunshine

    i dont think its true i think this chick was drunk and that she is lying justin bieber would never do that!

  15. asck

    I am not a justin bieber fan, i dont hate him, just not a fan, but i felt an overwhelming urge to express how freaking ugly that mariah lady is…not just normal waitress at applebees ugly….chelsea clinton ugly.

  16. David

    wow, i never thought i’d say that someone putting packing tape over most of their face would make them look more attractive…even though i’d still throw up if she came before me naked

  17. billy

    you are all 12 hes a virgin like britney spears was a “virgin” c’mon we all know timber had his wood in her lake back in the days of mickey …this kid is a star not a virgin he had sex at 13 im sure.

  18. billy

    also just to follow up…..again he was not a virgin when he met this girl! hello……..teen boy has millions of girls asking him for sex …and what he just doesn’t do it…im surprised shes the first to come forward….i mean what is he like tim tebow? c’mon and dont give me that faith crap! neither tim nor justin are virgins….closer to the truth would be saying that tim and justin have slept together……peace bieliebers!!!!

  19. Janks

    Typical Cunt

  20. MarkM

    Please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, plea, please be truese be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be truep, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true!

  21. I told ya this story had legs…we’ve got at least two weeks of fun to be had on this ride.

    I don’t get what the big deal is though, it’s not like Bieber has to do anything for the paternity test. He’s 17 years old, just grab any of the rolled up sweat socks out of his laundry and test it.

  22. kingofbeer

    Every guy has banged a chick that they hope no one ever finds out. This one is Bieber’s lol.

  23. butthole

    What what, in the butt. You wanna do it in my butt? OK!

  24. Bieber can’t possibly be the father of the child…..This chick still uses MySpace….if she was on Twitter it would be believable.

  25. bitch is ugly

    lmao ewwwww not even Justin bieber come on he isnt that ugly to go for her! bitch is ugly af and if it turns out not to be his baby which i doubt it is then her ass should go to prison isn’t she like 30 an he was 16 i mean i don’t really care about that kind of crime if it was voluntarily but this bitch is just straight up ugly imagine what they would do to her in prison :S

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