1. Tia

    If Justin did her he must have been 1 blind 2 really drunk 3 very very desperate or number 4 most likely all the above and a bag over her face. if he is the father i pray the baby looks like him!!!!!!!

  2. Waldo

    Wait, this thing spawned a child? And you’re telling me that Maplechrist lesbian dude’s seeds can swim? AND the McRib is back? Trailer park chicks are having the BEST WEEK EVER!!

  3. Bleh

    I wonder what chicks that get star tats on their hips are thinking when they get them.

    “I know what will make me hot and show the world I like sex-hip mounted star tats”.

    I’m assuming there’s a funky “porn star” analogy there someplace. I’ll have to go the local trailer park and drag a $20 bill behind me to find the right person to question.

  4. MIRF


  5. Mockingbird

    Her baby is not going to make it to puberty

  6. SuperJ

    HA HA. This chick still uses MySpace. I want to see this resolved on Maury.

  7. highclass-whitetrash

    save your $20 and grab a 5 instead…

  8. stgee

    She is NOT attractive what so ever… I DOUBT Biebs would settle for anything less than SGomez to do the deed with.

  9. Supercarnos

    whatt???? isn’t justine a lesbian girl??

  10. Okay basically:

    I don’t/cant physically see Justin doing this. And to be honest he always seems to be so faithful and thankful and committed so I cant see him walking away from this if he had, had sex with her. He seems to be like such a decent guy and I can not see him walking away from wot potentially could be his daughter or son which is why I believe these accusations to be false and lies.

    I mean I don’t have anything against the girl and I don’t wish to say or comment anything bad about her because I don’t have anything bad to say.

    But I just want to say that I am sticking with my Justin Bieber and I believe him a 100 percent all the way.

    Love Anne : D xx ♥♥♥♥

  11. Emmett North Jr

    Well! The way i see it is someone else trying to get paid by first getting the attention and hopefully by showing her face and body she might get a photo shoot from a men’s mag or cheap film,who knows, after looking at her pics and the characters in her pics shows a little of her character,i really don’t believe Justin sexed her up,Emmett North Jr

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