1. Cock Dr

    Yah, what a choice bit of backstage ass this is.

  2. Have you seen Justin’s girlfriend? I doubt he would even look at this nasty chick.

  3. Venom

    Free pussy, sometimes it is a motherfucker. lol

  4. M

    What is a 20-year old doing at a Justin Bieber concert….?

  5. richie

    her last name is what I would have asked Bieber – y’eater?

  6. She doesn’t look too bright. But then how bright could someone be who decides to go public with this “I raped a kid, now he owes me money” maneuver.

    This has the makings of: Best Paternity Suit Ever!

  7. Janks

    He can fuck any girl he wants and he picks this skank? I smell Bullshit!

  8. Moniquka

    she is not justin’s type, he likes apanish and sfrican-american chicks~ She is older than him and she looks like a rappist~ Justin is not stupid enough to rap a girl backstage, when he can choose a prettier girl to have mutarl sex with. She’s a liar*

  9. Soul

    Total BULLSHIT

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