1. CBN

    Not pictured: Her revulsion at realizing the statue was not actually a living rich person.

  2. Canadianhouseguest

    She breaks ALL the rules!

  3. wilsjay

    I didn’t know she was on DWTS.

  4. kelly

    She looks like she’s about 10 feet tall.

  5. oh i know

    the REAL baby daddy!

  6. Buzz Aldrin

    Of course being the portly beluga whale herself, she was unable to stop the strapping beiber from inserting himself into her ass in front of multiple security guards. Beiber is that strong…

  7. Slick Spic

    Of all the girls that Justin Bieber could get in this world, I find it hard to believe that this is the one he would pick as his first…

  8. Ibeliebhecheated

    That’s because she WASN’T his first… that’s a line he used with her, Selena and probably a hell of a lot of other girls out there. The freaking kid is a bazillionaire and can do whatever he wants, he’s also managed by huge popstars, ex rappers, etc… you think they’re encouraging him to read the bible after his shows? I highly doubt it…

  9. Abby

    I recognize that poor guy… Caesar’s Palace in Vegas

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