1. Skeerdy Cat

    Those’re some birthin’ hips…wait…

    • Karl

      no those are not birthing hips, those are just fucked up…birthing hips can look sexy on a woman this is just scary.

  2. TheAdmiral

    It’s like she has a pair of hips on top of her hips. That is a strange shape.

  3. fuckyouuuuu

    she’s obviously lying that justin bieber is her son’s father. she’s just another crazy fan who wants justin bieber

  4. Hemingway

    Meh. I’d still fuck her.

  5. cherry2000

    why do her ovaries have stars on them

  6. It like that shape game in kindergarten. Since Justin obviously thinks him self the greatest star in the he convinced him to insert his star goods into he Starveries.

  7. it’s like that shape game in kindergarten. Since Justin obviously thinks himself the greatest star in the world, she convinced him to insert his star goods into he Starveries.

  8. steve

    I’m not sure people here understand what a woman actually looks like.

    If you compare the topless pic with the one where she’s lifting the green top, the underwear is much lower down (in relation to the star tattoos), so in the topless pic basically her underwear is as low as it can be without showing anything. Her hips are normal.

    • xxaa

      They’re normal, but they look weird because they’re fat.

      • Tanya

        she is not fat on here u dumbass.u see that flat stomach of her”s stop hating,ur probably fat urself

    • tom

      now.. i’ve spent my entire existence on earth constantly looking at women. so i think i’d have an idea of a fucked up anatomy. that bitch. she got box hips.

    • mrsmass

      no tanya, xxaa is correct. her hips are fat. that’s why they’re spilling over her underwear in the other picture.

    • Nobody

      She has a very classic pear-shaped figure, very sexy – unlike her claims. :P

  9. bbiowa

    Navel rot.

  10. wilsjay

    To be fair, this may be the only way she can still see those star tats.

  11. Nothing says “I’m a classy chick” like porn star tattoos. I don’t even know what to say about the lower torso that looks to be made of silly-putty.

  12. DogBoy

    If Justin is a real teenage boy– he fucked her– why? because he could. Duh, any guy knows that.

  13. bundy


  14. Hypocrites ! I love it how people call out ugly because she’s not giving them a chance for a piece. EVERY MOTHERFUCKER IN HERE would tag that if she gave them a shot, Now think about being 16 and those big tits are being thrown in your face. Ugly? Bullshit !! Every swinging dick on this board would do the same thing he did.

  15. That is just gross! That is not a normal shape for a female! Regardless if her panties are low or not. She is def oddly shaped!

  16. Gordon GEICO

    I’m not sure what I am looking at here.

  17. Tanya

    Calm down little Justin Bieber groupies.Stop hating on her.I’m pretty sure most of u groupies on here are white.It’s just that she has more body them most white girl out there.N she’s not ugly but not a hot a chick either.She’s just a bit weird and if this rumors are true then Justin Bieber is a retard.Maybe he should think about things before doing them.N if shes lieing then we will soon find out and she’s look like a dumbass.

  18. Lauren

    She seems as wholesome as whole milk. I thought bieber likes Mexican poon?

  19. jeff

    did she have her vagina surgically removed? or does she just have the longest waist ever? there’s an entire dinklage between her belly button and her bieber hole.

    • Master Cherry Plucker

      She is quite different shape than norm. I’ve seen ‘em all and yes, a trailer-tramp can have this. JUSTINA BIEBERLOONIE never has had it… never will with girls. Boobies seem suckable, I’d just have to be stoned to do her, especially her peircings, friends and her CIRCUS-FREAK ass. Even KK’s hippo ass isn’t this awkward!

  20. or then again..could be,,she could have gotten it later then took those photos :)

  21. mrsmass

    there’s way too much space between her gash and her belly button.

  22. Vags 'r Us

    Her vagina has been edited out of this picture. That’s why she looks weird. Makes me think not many of you have ever SEEN a vagina if you can’t tell when one is missing.

    • Lisa

      Actually, a vagina is more like a tunnel. Did you mean her vulva has been edited out of the picture? If so, looks like SOMEONE has to brush up on his knowledge of basic female anatomy.

      • Vags 'r Us

        I’m actually a “she”. And saying “vulva” just confuses people. ;)

        Either way, her “nether region” is clearly photoshopped out.

  23. fandy


  24. Yourmom

    Girls that have star tattoos on their stomachs are fucking trailer trash. Seriously, it’s like saying i’m a product of inbreeding. Show me a hot girl with star tats like that? you cant do it.

  25. McGillicuddy

    I’m confused…
    a) this chick is white
    b) this chick has a myspace
    c) its 2011
    d) how much further down is her vajeeezy?

  26. of all the gyal beiber could fuck what possesed him in his mind to get his willy wet with her :S (i mean not saying that i wouldnt but bare in mind im an average guy who has to settle with average pussy)

    • Meh Mehington

      Something tells me you couldn’t pull average pussy, your clapped-out, ruined, disease-ridden trailer park sister probably turned you down. *sadface*

  27. Justin

    Somebody above wrote a “classic, pear shaped woman, very sexy.” Um, the pear shape is not classic – the hourglass is. Secondly, pear shaped women are laughed at when they walk by, at least by my friends, me, and everybody else just out of earshot. The baby probably fell out of that wide-set woman.

  28. Mane

    I’ll put my asteroid between those stars… period!!!

  29. Pfft

    She is standing as fucking straight up as she can- while pulling (what little of her stomach skin there is) up so her stomach looks flatter. It’s a modeling trick, that made an already long-torsoed female look even….longer. The black underwear or whatever she has on just barely covers her lips. It’s shadowy and dark in the picture.

    Her belly button is facing upwards- look at the other picture with her in her underwear side by side.

    • good lord, i read nearly all 53 comments and the last comment is the closest thing to explain what’s going on with her figure..
      good for you, pfft. :)

  30. The trash don’t come much whiter.

  31. jackie

    she is a fucking slut that need to get of this world and got to fucking hell i hate her so much i wish she would die why would justin bieber fuck her she is ugly as hell

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