1. Mirtez

    Oh mine!! This is not the type of girl for our Justin.
    She rapped him. Then she slept with other 10 guys and probably doesn’t know who is the father. Showing off like that? Must be dying to became famous. She might get a back up for the Thriller among the zombies and monsters.. Help help I am afraid!! “Baby the Rosemary” is around. In my language we call “Vagaranha” “Periguete”.

  2. And now in English. This girl is a pig. There is no way Beiber humped her. He’s a little pussy but he gets plenty of good vag thrown his way. No need to go all “White trash, not even hot in her trailer park” style. Come on people!!!!

  3. K-

    OMG! This girl is NASTY! Deff needs to hit up her local gym. and $12,000 a month for child support? LOL! Does her baby poop gold or something?!? Thats insane! Ugh Just looking at her makes me want to throw up. She isnt any celebrities type….esp because money can buy them way better!

    • urfavoriteperson

      Folks…. Maybe not your idea of beautiful but guys are not always concerned with looks as they are more focused on whats in-between the legs. I read more details from the report…I believe this girl, maybe Im wrong but only time will tell.

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