1. Not sure whether Nicki looks better or worse without makeup…

  2. Looks like Randy blew up again.

  3. “He’s six feet tall, short hair, with a blank stare and usually a dumb grin on his face. He’s not supposed to be here, so if you see him, tell him to get his ass back on home and look after the kids.”

  4. Wait. so you’re telling me that all the conflict on a reality show is manufactured for ratings because the viewing public is dumb and that what they like?

    MY ENTIRE LIFE’S BEEN A LIE! *jumps out of window*

  5. Ever notice that celebrity Hollywood’s idea of “security” is “morbidly obese black man with shaved head”?

    Little racist, and anti-healthy BMI don’t you think? Shame on you Hollywood…shame.

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