1. DontMindMe

    Ah, losing the baby-weight the old-fashioned way I see – via photoshopping. The only thing that surprises me about this picture is the fact that Mariah didn’t get the abs arbrushed on at the same time she got the weight photo-shopped off.

  2. Misana

    her stomach has makeup on it…duh

  3. If you use the Zoom you get to see just how much else has been photoshopped-check out the face in more detail! I shall be using the zoom more often-I hadn’t noticed it before! Although I’m guessing the blokes out there have been aware of its breast zooming abilities for some time!

  4. Wow, she looks awesome. Now how about some photos of her exposed belly WITHOUT photoshop removal of all hints of humanity from her torso, not to mention about 4 inches of waistline.

    Nothing like someone showing off how awesome they want you to think they look, when they obviously don’t look very good or they wouldn’t need photoshopping.

  5. hH

    easy to lose the baby weight when you have trainers, nannies and cooks. duh.

  6. Holy craptastic photoshopping, Batman! That is just embarrassing…

  7. tlmck

    So according to the pictures, on November 8 she was 50 pounds heavier than November 10th?

  8. rye

    It enrages me that Jenny Craig would Photoshop this and mislead people! I’m a professional designer and extensive Photoshop user, specializing in skin and body: her waist has been Photoshopped, as well as her right leg. 1) Her whole midsection has been airbrushed, which is industry standard, but when you RESHAPE the waist like this is just misleading… look at the corner where the black skirt and her waist create an angle/corner NOT FOUND IN NATURE, 2) the skirt itself has been sliced off on the right to make it smaller, which is why it drapes so oddly 3) her right thigh and leg might have been totally created, as it doesn’t even look realistic.

    From a designer’s perspective, it makes me think an intern did this Photoshop job. From a consumer’s perspective, I think it is ETHICALLY WRONG for Jenny Craig to mislead people like this.

  9. Dreams

    It’s funny that the skirt has two slits in the first picture, but not the second one.

  10. yarbe

    i don’t think it’s just photoshop. if you look at older photos of mariah’s stomach she has a completely different shaped belly button. tummy tuck would be my guess.

  11. mrsmass

    why does she dress like it’s the early 90s still?

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