1. flavorfest

    if this is early pregnancy, cant wait to see what 9 months will look like

  2. Ned

    Pregnancy doesn’t do that to you. Her head got fat!
    Here’s what happened. She gained like 80 pounds, and then was like “Oh my God, I’m sooo fat. What will people think?”
    Them she said, “Wait a minute, if I get pregnant – THAT will be my excuse for becoming obese”.
    So now, she’s pregnant AND fat.

  3. Lackes

    If she’s pregnant, then what’s that drink in her hands?

    • Its called, WATER.
      Pregnant women have to constantly keep water near them, to prevent dehydration. Shes singing, and probably nervous, thus shes using more energy, which means more water is necessary.
      So what if its in a champagne glass.. It looks a lot less tacky than a bottle of water.

  4. Katja

    damnn she got HUGEE

  5. Ricks_Daddy


  6. reformed_druid

    She may have been on fertility drugs, they will do that to you.

  7. heysamjo

    I love Mariah, truly, but with the hair and the dress, well, she’s kinda resembling Miss Piggy, lol! But seriously, screw people who think you have to be “heroin chic” when your pregnant, as long as you and baby are healthy, you can always get back in shape after baby. And if you have never had children, don’t comment, you have no idea…..

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