1. Nobody

    She’s winning. I can tell.

  2. Iknowittoo

    she’s like forever your. she’s always been pretty and young looking. She’s doing it right, I didn’t know that nick was younger than her until I read about it. They look like a same age couple. Unlike Madonna and J.lo who look like they are parading their sons around lol

  3. JungleRed

    She looks like a goddamn praying mantis.

  4. Dollar Biul

    12 photos of boring, I hope no one had to pay for these.

  5. arnieblackblack

    Still ‘effing hot. Iknowitoo is on point.

  6. Spanx…she’s wearing lots of Spanx.

  7. fiona

    she always has the tranniest torso

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