1. Jon Hex

    What has that kid been eating, diabetes?

  2. holymoly

    i’m surprised ahnold allowed the fat one to live

  3. AnnaDraconida


  4. Crabby Old Guy

    Maybe Maria was letting the old floater, Uncle Teddy bang her and he’s the kid’s real father. Sure doesn’t look like Ahnold.

  5. Leave the kids alone. Honestly, have you no soul, Demon?!?

  6. Kate

    Those are some serious cankles.

  7. Misana

    CANKLES…. the most exaggerated I have ever seen

  8. fapappy

    Head for tha choppah…not you fatty

  9. Disappointed

    Shame on you guys.. how old is this kid, like 14? Sure he may be big, but I was the same size at his age and I hated myself because of people like you. When you’re this age you get enough crap from other kids as it is, let alone adults (?) on the internet.

  10. Travis

    I bet Arnold must be disgusted that his son is so fat & gross since he was such a paragon of physical fitness.
    That fatty needs gastro!

  11. KATHY

    Actually, this young man could possibly start making $$$$$$$millions almost immediately if he was hired to be a spokesperson for WEIGHT WATCHERS or NUTRA-SYSTEM. He could be a role model for other kids with weight issues.

    I hope he gets it together and I wish him all the best!

  12. Jean

    I want to see what the love child boy looks like….

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