1. Apparently Arnold’s other son is actually not his but instead the love child of the stay puft marshmallow man.

    • Josh (

      He needs to use that size to get PUMPED UP

      • samuel

        he is probably eating his stress…poor kid getting embarrassed in front of the world. He needs compassion not ridicule, it is an awkward age without finding having a secret brother from the press.

  2. vlad

    If Arnold’s latino love child is as fat as the one pictured, the obvious title for him would be Fat Bastard.

    How in the hell did Arnold let his son get so large? Oh, that’s right, he’s too busy groping other women to pay attention to his kids.

  3. the only opinion that matters

    You people are cruel. Don’t you think it is probably hard enough for that kid without mindless morons making nasty comments. If it was your kid you would be so hurt if people wrote comments like that. Be kind, he is just a kid.

    • al roker

      YOU TELL EM!

      …but he is rather large, no?

    • Woofus

      Were you a fat kid? There is no excuse for rich people to have fat kids, when you have the best in culinary skills, therapy, exercise equipment and personal trainers.

      • I totally agree with Woofus…….there is no excuse for that kid to be fat. His parents are stinking rich and this kid is just fucking lazy. What happened to apple and not falling far from the tree. Looks like this apple fucking rolled way the fuck out there.

        Besides….the other son (out of wedlock) looks WAY more like Arnold than this Pugsly looking kid.

        And just because we’re here talking shit online doesnt mean we’re cruel to the kid… by nature are even more cruel. Imagine him being teased in school, especially since he is a fatty while his father was a body builder.

  4. KC

    I did not know that Arnold was Chris Farley’s father.

  5. A bit of irony

    The baby rhino is wearing a “zooyork” t-shirt, who says God isn’t funny?

  6. From the looks on their faces they’re all getting a first look at their new half-brother

  7. Cardinal Fang

    I’d do Christina. AND I would be back.

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