1. Maria is stunning. She shoulda wore the bikini bottoms with the lip-showing gape though.

  2. eatme

    …lol, bodylanguage.

  3. The woman is posing in a bikini, in Times Square, in the middle of winter…she’s obviously not being sought out for her insightful commentary.

  4. skunk

    i’d busta nut

  5. tlmck

    Yo LeAnn Rimes! This is how you rock a bikini!

  6. Jam

    Wow. Now THAT looks good.

  7. The Pope

    Mario: How about you, me, and your friend here go back to my hotel room…then you make yourself scarce.

  8. bet your husband can throw the ball and get a safety at the same time though

  9. The Everlasting Know-it-all

    Bangin. Absolutely bangin.

  10. Soviet Snow

    Double penetration. A little dark meat with a nicely brazed slab of meat.

  11. Nice

    “No hurting fee-fees after game day.” Fucken fantastic! I so needed that LOL!

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