1. CuriousGeorge

    Who is that picture of on his shirt? I found a photo of him showing the complete image and I cropped and uploaded it up on Google’s image search but it turned out nothing.

  2. EggieBoy

    Does he even know who Kelly Kapowski is? Damn poser. I see your wandering eye. Still doesn’t prove your straight!! Don’t go knocking her up cuz you just figured out how to use it and what it was for.

  3. Dude

    Justin Beiber looks like a lesbian woman.

  4. EggieBoy

    lol…. well then you should look at.
    Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber

  5. BorrisMorris

    Wearing his tour t-shirt on stage, now that is great advertising.

  6. it should be illegal for her to wear that outfit…you need more tits and ass honey plus that makeup is damn tacky. personally you look 13 so gross!

  7. JCKW

    Justin Beiber: Yowza!
    Selena Quagmire: Giggity giggity! Aw right!

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