1. Holy shit. She looks good. I would.

  2. needs more razor stubble

  3. anonymous

    How is this chick no in a Wonder Woman outfit? Did someone hand her one and she replied, “F- you, too easy!”

    She does need to tone up a bit if she going to walk around in this stuff in public. It won’t even take her that long.

  4. argleblargle

    The colors on this costume are inaccurate and the fit is terrible. If you’re going to Comic Con, don’t buy a WalMart costume, or else have really, really huge tits.

  5. Cheap and tawdry. I just vomited a bit in my mouth.

  6. I think this headline is a bit trolling. Nothing against the lady but Adrianne Curry is more than just a hot chick in a Slave Leia outfit. She really is a nerd, who happened to also be a model. I follower her on Twitter, which I recommend – I heard her do a Hulu show about Game of Thrones and she is a great speaker about fantasy and had some really interesting insights. I have also caught her on Dr Drews News show talking about abuse and women’s issues. She’s a pretty damn good speaker. Again, the head line is click bait and it worked. made me comment!

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