1. What’s the big deal? I’d prefer it if someone told me not to look directly at It.

    • EB

      This is nothing new with her. A friend of mine went to the Beverly Hills Kaballah Center (where she attends functions) and she had a couple of hired goons warn people not to approach her or even look at her. And she’s not the only celebrity to do this. Years ago, I worked as an usher at a premiere screening where one of the rules was that we couldn’t make eye contact with the star.

  2. Meh

    I would have flipped her off as she walked by. Bitch.

  3. Has been! Who would want to look at your butt ugly, desperate, old face anyway? I would rather look at a hydrangea anyday.

  4. Tuppy

    It’s a public service, really. When you look at the Gorgon you turn to stone, after all. It’s just another way to show that she cares for the meaningless little people she has to put up with…

  5. Pepe Roni

    Nothing to look at anyway…thumbs up to Meh’s comment.

  6. lorry

    stop hurting her please,she has a wonderful singing voice with highlites that no o
    ther has,she hasd been in many films such Evita and tried her hand at braud way plays,,remember Seed the plow,oh such brillience,now she has her own rcording company,so THINK!,OH but yeah this and a whole lot of you”HATERS AND WRECKERS”want nothing more than to see her GONE! Yeah you must realy despise anyone over 35,you wish Stones fans would disaper too,you don’t mind so much McJagger and co though,because he’s a man,you would’nt mind if he went the way of D.Bowie though.Look i know Madona is aflake ok,but it’s music ok,talent is not that important and she ahs more than most.Pooo you!

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