1. lily

    wow, so vain. what ever happened to agin with grace? she still looks like a 55 year old woman, so this magical machine is a waste of time

  2. shonzie

    That sir, is your basic oxygen machine. Although, maybe hers is the deluxe model, filled with baby’s souls for that much needed extra kick!

  3. I see she didn’t opt for the longer tube so she doesn’t have to be in the same room with the infant she is draining.

  4. Mickey01232000

    She should get her money back because it isn’t working. She looks like she is about 65 years old!

  5. AndySlash

    supposedly “hydrates, lifts, tightens, and improves the appearance of the skin”??? what we are looking at is an oxygen concentrator. all it does is take room air and separate oxygen from the other gases and deliver it to the user (usually people with lung disease or those at end-of-life).

  6. RobN

    This story was a lot more fun when the machine was something magical and not just the same one my 84 year old mom has.

  7. Frank Burns

    If machines could scream . . .

  8. ali

    Looks like Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes have a new singer.

  9. I don’t get it… where do you pour in the virgin’s blood?

  10. YuckPoo


  11. sciencegirl

    This is an oxygen concentrator. Anyone dealing with chronic illness or lung disease will recognize it. Why she needs supplemental oxygen is anyone’s guess. When you get up past 250 years old I guess breathing just gets harder.

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