1. God complex anyone??

  2. Sand

    What’s the big idea here? Airing the Cave of the Beast?

  3. Wait, I thought Dr. Girlfriend was a dude. So, the Monarch is really a chick? Does that make this right?

  4. What the fuck is this??? I am so glad I skipped the halftime show of the Superbowl.

  5. Robert

    This summes up where Madonna’s ego is. What she seems about to drop summes up where her career is.

  6. Iapprove

    ewwww close your fucking legs. nobody wants to see that

  7. This caption is incorrect, this photo is from Madonna’s daughter Lourdes’ sweet 16 party…where she was sacrificed to Anubis, dark lord of the underworld in exchange for 1 more moderately successful album.

  8. fkwolfe

    And every twenty third spring for twenty three days The Creeper will feast upon human body parts, which upon consumption will form parts of it’s own body…

  9. Bionic_Crouton

    Madonna never really finished potty training.

  10. Barfdonna

    I do not think there is a bucket large enough to contain the amount of vomit generated by looking at those pictures…

    She tries to be taken all seriously, but still has to lower herself to the lowest common denominator (the crotch)….

    Really sad & pathetic…

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