1. Urvag

    I want to say more but I just can’t stop staring at that scary vein!

  2. shonzie

    “I squish your penis!”, says fan in the foreground. “Squish, squish”

  3. Chupois


  4. After the concert she took out 3 Mossad agents with her bare hands.

  5. Turd Burglar

    I’d be pissed if I was a jew. Since i’m not, i’d like to skin her and make nice bags for the miss.

    The rest I would just burn and shit on until it properly decomposed in the cat litter box. Fuck this whore, i hate her with the passion of 23 jews.

  6. This is how you say “Fuck, Jesus!” in Madonnalish.

  7. Porkpie

    Last time I saw a face like that it was on Willem DaFoe.

  8. viagy

    What the hell is she thinking?!!

  9. chef boyardee

    I thought that was a spaghetti noodle stuck to her arm.

  10. Mickey01232000

    Yeah, that’s just what I want to see the breasts of a 53 year old skeleton!

  11. You know what I find so gross about her?


  12. CK

    Your move, Selena Gomez….

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