1. Great boob job

  2. joe

    those look like breast implants!!! too damn young for that wtf

  3. Brooke

    I know she is 16, but you cannot convince me youth is the source of her breast’s hard round shape. Too young, too young.

    • Remember who her mother is, MADE out of plastic surgery. Real tits are not square at the sides, do not have a gap like that and do not shine from stretched skin, which is necessary to slide the fucking thing into the chest. That Courtney whatshername had a boob job at 16 too. Those tits are not real.

  4. The round shape may be due to the bikini, b/c it flattens them.

  5. godamongmen

    you nerds who’ve never seen or touched real breasts what the hell do you know if they are real or fake. They are real.

    • We’ve touched plenty, and some of us own real breasts, and we know what they look like. FFS you can tell by the thumbnail by the shine that they’re implants. Grow a brain. Or maybe just grow up … and maybe the brain will come … maybe. Let’s hope.

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