1. JC

    When you look into the void, and the void is your mother wearing gold-plated dentures, this is the face you make.

  2. Nice butt, nice legs, great boobs..but the

  3. Beauty tip: when you are wealthy and share ancestry with a gorilla, it is best to let a professional shape your eyebrows instead of using a $5.99 Sally Hansen Eyebrow Kit.

  4. She’s a two bagger. One for the face and another for safety.

  5. Batu Khan

    Those tits. They almost make me forget who her mother is. No, I was wrong. I already forgot.

  6. TiredOfLiberalDouchebags

    Much better now that she waxed the unibrow and grew some tits. She was one seriously ugly kid.

  7. CK

    These pics set a world record for Facebook panties in a bunch.

  8. She’s beautiful.

    • I totally agree. Boy, you and I got vision, and the rest of the world wears bifocals.

      And for those of you who are having shit hemorrhages about her being only 16 years old, how old were you and your partner the first time you had sex?

      • I completely agree, she is quite beautiful. what is with the eyebrow comments? I didn’t address mine until I was 25. 16 is not an age to start slapping on make-up, plucking brows and pretending you’re a woman. And for the record, her brows are great, not those tranny thin brows women wear.

    • She’s cute. If I were 16 or 17 and went to her high school, I’d be checking her out and wondering if she’d like to make out.

  9. At least she doesn’t have any nasty tattoos on her body yet.

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      Give it time. Horrendous mistakes won’t escape being part of her future. She has too much money & too many “yes” friends.

  10. Porkpie

    Those perfect breasts!!!

  11. Why’s everyone boarding the douche canoe? Just cause her mum is a vampire doesn’t make this girl any less beautiful.

  12. Allion

    She looks far yglier than Madonna. Too much latino blood.

  13. booya

    thats not latino blood. Its arabic.

  14. Guy Ritchie

    Looks like a skank like her mom. However, since she was brought up rich she is probably not diseased yet so I guess I would fuck her in the ass once before she is riddled with STD’s.

  15. Jake

    I sense from these photos “rich, spoiled heiress, perhaps a bit bored already.” I concede this could be pure projection on my part but I don’t think so. The way she’s always at the center of the action, everyone hovering around her, leaning in her direction, making sure she’s happy. Her karmic mission is the same as every other fabulously rich kid – avoiding the moral corruption of having too much money and not being hungry for achievement. Few rich kids manage to do it. Stella McCartney was one of the few.

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