1. I have no idea who she is but Holy Jesus on a Palomino. She is stunning!

  2. She is my favorite of the ‘prance/stretch around in a bikini for random attention’ crew.

  3. That Hamsa isn’t warding off my evil eye.

  4. It’s amazing how a great body can eclipse a beat face. If that face was on Lena Dunham’s body, she wouldn’t even bother with the futile chore of caking on makeup.

  5. Face looks like a mannequin, body looks airbrushed.
    And she’s posing for the paps.
    Honestly, is that all that is needed to get in on some of those big show biz bucks?
    If only I had know when I was 20.
    Oh, wait. Never mind.

  6. Tyler Perry

    Does anywhere know where exactly this park is in Miami where all these half naked chicks go to do fake workouts and get photographed? This place is a “must-visit” the next time I make it down therei.

    • From my admittedly limited experience, my guess is it’ll be within two blocks of the ocean, because the rest of the city is a shithole.

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