1. Kady

    Hair Weave!

  2. Nglbaby

    Thank God, for once she’s weaing a bra…….

  3. Kricket

    I think it is so damn sad how she has let her self go! I mean my God! The touched up versions of these photos are bad enough!! But then you see Lindsay in her natural form!?! I hate to say it But I can see why her career is over! She is TORE UP! She USED to be Beautiful! Now she wears shirts exposing her body that shows how out of shape she has become.It almost wouldn’t matter, but even she is trying to hide it with her Jacket! So So Sad!

  4. JoeMahma

    Gee, if she needs work, I’d pay her to have sex with me but she probably sucks at that too.

  5. She doesn’t even resemble that cute little red head girl. What happened to her! She is so ugly now;(

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