1. BSName

    Middle age is coming on like a steamroller

  2. If you look closely the tattoo says”The sagging object above appears older than it should due to never wearing a bra”

  3. Phoenix

    Who did? I did! I love me some saggy bags.

  4. whatthe

    If I looked like that in a swimsuit, I would never venture out in public wearing one.

  5. her boobs are falling!

  6. harsky & starch

    There’s no situation in which I would touch that. And THAT is the worst insult I can throw at any woman. And I woke up in bed one morning a lonnnnng time ago with a chick we had nicknamed “The Gila…” As in “Monster.” Let that sink in Lindsay.

  7. Jaime

    If she “just” had saggy boobs, I could live with that. There is just so much going wrong in that picture. Forgive me for saying so (I ain’t no Adonis either) but I don’t see what keeps that boat afloat.

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