1. I recognize that type of face from years of suffering through hangovers. AND she’s got a glass of wine in front of her.

    Yeah, her London Theater gig should go real well.

    Question will be: Does she get fired during rehearsals (which don’t start until sometime in August) or does she fall flat on her face, drunk during a performance?

  2. I recognize that face as a trailer trash meth addict. The only time her pictures look good now is with a lot of photoshop work. Why do people keep enabling her?

  3. Not surprised she there “mamading.” Looks like she just got a free 5 euro champagne?

  4. Back when I would watch “Herbie Fully Loaded” and masturbate, I never imagined she’d turn out like this.

    I mean when it first came out. Not last week when I did it.

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