1. I’d hit that…with a bat! Her tits might…and this is a big might…still have a little shelf life left on ‘em. Other than that, she’s a wreck. That’s face – ouffa. And that cat’s gotta be a mess!

  2. She has turned into that one friend’s mom who smells of booze and cigarettes who always hugs you a little too long.

  3. Tonethius

    Give her a break, she’s one of the few women in their mid-50′s that still look pretty good.

  4. Good lord. Nobody in their 20s is supposed to look like that. Makeup is a magical thing.

  5. “Hey tarbender (Hic) pour me another drinky-winky ! (Hic)”

  6. Back pain

    I think i’m going to be sick

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