1. Schmidtler

    wtf is up with her teeth? I thought she got the meth teeth fixed?

    • BE

      Fixed is only temporary if you don’t stop doing meth.

      Lithium, muriatic and sulfuric acids, ether, red phosphorus and lye are all chemicals that destroy your teeth and mouth (including crowns).

      Google “meth mouth”

      Makes drug use sink to a whole new level of stupid…

    • BaccusVD

      this was before they were fixed… she had em done after the playboy payday.

      It’s sad to see they just kept raising the exposure until you couldn’t see any detail. She was lookin RUff tho ruff ruff ruff woof woof woff

      • Jessesgirl

        She got the new teeth in between the discarded shoot and the Marilyn one. Playboy must have sent her ass packing till she got them done.

  2. Even with the wonders of photoshop she looks like a crack whore

  3. “Why look like a smuggler when you’re smuggling drugs on a drug-boat? Instead, make the moment your own. Hide in Plein sight.”

  4. Kat

    She still looks like shit.

  5. Sabina

    this must have be before her dentist appointment.

  6. Alotta Fagina

    This reminds me of the movie “Orphan”….

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