1. Legs….. assuming…. natural…. position… Must… close….

  2. catapostrophe

    “What’s my motiva- … oh yeah–crystals money.”

  3. SIN

    She is just waiting for a guy to use his coat or pants as her pillow.

  4. “What? Oh…OHHHHH. I thought this was a ‘photo shoot’. I mean, it still can be, for at least 5 of y’all. But I’m going to need an eight-ball and three grand for every person after that. Except you with the camera. You get in for free if we can split the picture money 50/50. Deal?”

  5. Haters

    Gilberator, you are an angry, jealous, sad person. Has it been really hard giving up your own addictions? Poor thing you have to feel better by bashing celebrities you don’t know on every image, making yourself look pretty pathetic.

    • Kat

      You’re new, aren’t you?

    • You’re right. Forgive me for making comments that bash celebrities on a site that makes its money bashing celebrities. Also, thanks for ignoring everyone else. I feel real special being the only one called out. Like a celebrit….oh my god. Oh my god, no. Now I, too, know the pain they must feel….what….what have I done?!?! Someone get a team together, we have to right this wrong! Lindsay’s a good person, just poorly understood and a victim of at least a hundred misinformed news reports that clung desperately to facts, rather than listen to her truth instead. We have no right to judge her! We have no right to judge anyone! Shut down the internet, I say! Let us return to the lands of the First People, and live in harmony with each other, and not in this age where people are seldom held accountable and the only real consequence they face for their actions are meaningless comments at the bottom of a string of photos buried in a pile of celebrity websites that everyone will forget three weeks from now. What a travesty! I…must…get…to…confession!

  6. Bodhaiii

    This is the only picture she looks human in…

  7. somemetalhead

    she kinda looks like my mom. my mom is pretty hot, but she’s a good 20-something years older than her…

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