1. Deacon Jones

    Are flesh-colored teeth “in” in 2012?

  2. Am I mistaken, or does Phillip Plein have the words “Phillip Plein” tattooed on the inside of his forearm?

  3. Casey

    I just noticed the same thing.

  4. “You got you name spelled on you arm. I could’ve used that idea, like, three nights last week. Or this week. Maybe it was last week. Do you have any blow?”

  5. “So, Monsieur Calvin Klein has his name written on his underpants, no? Well, I’ll show him!”

  6. narddog

    of course the only person dumb enough to hire linds is the guy with his own name tattooed on himself. and on the inside of his forearm…like he’s cheating on a test.

  7. Jack


  8. Drundel

    Teeth… wow.

  9. cc

    Maybe she loves licorice…haters!

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