1. SIN

    My but I would like to pick those plums.

  2. Boobs Whoa

    Whoa boobs.

  3. Cock Dr

    You can dress up a tattooed ex-con in a nice lace outfit but it’s still a tattooed ex-con.
    I won’t even start on all the other problems this chick has.
    Stay out of trouble LiLo. If you stay out of any more trouble & your jugs don’t drop any lower you may still have a semblance of a entertainment career.

  4. Diego

    Wow, this was when Lindsey Lohan was likeable and lanetted until she morphed into a crack-whore. So sad to think what she could have been had she made the right choices and not let her innder-demons wreck her life.

  5. jaime

    She looks like crap when she’s got a butt in her mouth. She should stop smoking.

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