1. ThisWillHurt

    How did she get the pigs’ blood off so quickly?

  2. Professor Chaos

    Damn, she has a serious case of druggie face going on there. Those eyes!
    She probably has no clue where she even is.

  3. Lita

    She’s asking herself why Billy Crystal is in his makeup from Princess Bride.

  4. JC

    “Do……do you…..doooo yooouuuu….have……the………preshus?”

  5. “I’m so high right now, I think he’s toking on an invisible blunt.”

  6. “Dr. Zaius… I don’t think the waitress is coming back with my Grand Slam.”

  7. RoXanne DeMonica

    if that face doesn’t scream rehab i don’t know what does

  8. ,,,,

    holly shit

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