1. Pickle Nose

    Shit. Can you imagine waking up next to this? You would sneak out of the bed as quietly as possible with your hand firmly on your wallet. I can smell the cigarette breath and alcohol reek wafting off of her from here.

    • You seriously think that after falling asleep/passing out in the immediate vicinity of Lindsay Lohan, that when you wake up you’re wallet will still be there? That’s adorable.

    • That safe they have in hotel rooms, that what it is for, your wallet, watch, keys etc, if you know, bring back certain types of ladies. The more you know…

  2. she isn’t the only one wondering what the fuck she is doing there…

  3. That nude boob panel lining needs to extend over her spotty arms. And pasty legs. And face.

  4. Why is Lindsay there? Did she hear has-beens drink for free?

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