1. Haha


  2. I don't get it

    She’s just so ugly – who cares about anything she does?

  3. Jade

    She doesn´t look fit to me. Thin, yes. Fit, light years from it. But the guys will probably appreciate the boobs.

    You know, sometimes I feel sorry for her. I mean, she had a great career at her feet, but couldn´t handle the stardom. Now she´s a drug snorting slut grasping at straws. If I were her mom I´d be ashamed of myself

  4. Drew

    Ironically enough Jade, I’d be ashamed of having her (Dina) as a mom.

  5. skinnyfat

    She’s the classic skinny-fat. Skinny but completely untoned and flabby

  6. Carissa

    I don’t like this site as much now. But she does look a lot better, oddly enough.

  7. Katie

    Skinny fat! I bet she’s at about 29-30% body fat here even though she’s “thin”.

  8. anonymus

    as insignificant as Heidi montag.

    she and heidi should compete for queen of the F-list

  9. Leroy

    Nice cans. Who cares if she’s hammered 24/7?

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